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Sorry, it's not good enough
Date: Sep 8, 2009 10:51:32 AM PDT
Author: Chandy

Can anyone reading this even imagine in their craziest dreams that if the only football, baseball, basketball or hockey facility that bid on a HS championship was in Fort Kent that the idea would even be entertained that it be held there? Why is ski racing less important?

To that, I could not agree more. I do hope they re- open the issue, and I for one will be raising it as a concern at the fall coaches meetings. Im just saying... given the responses they got, and working with the options they had at the time... they probably had to choose the lesser of 2 evils. I also know that they are open to constructive discussions... but the key word is constructive. No use attacking a person or a group for making a crummy decision when they had crummy options to start with... For example, the last year class A finals was at Black Mountain and they took some heat from the coaches. Black Mountain put on a great race, but was clearly un-prepared for the onslaught of teams, parents, spectators etc in their lodge and the rest of their facilities (that's another whole topic) That said, the race was re-scheduled "last minute" we were only there because the origional venue was unable to host that year and the MPA had to ask them to host- they did not want us to begin with (or at least they did not bid on the race from what I understand). So things can be changed...


Sorry, it's not good enough
Date: Sep 11, 2009 10:16:12 AM PDT
Author: Chandy

CHEERS to Scott Walker from Winthrop for a well crafted letter and for offering quality alternatives. My Boosters, my Athletic Director and myself are all on board. Thanks Scott.


Interesting discussion
Date: Nov 28, 2009 6:18:18 PM PST
Author: SkiTeacher

As a Class A fan, all of this has been interesting to read. As a person who lives at a southern mountain all winter, I was surprised to see my mountain did not return a bid. I realize how some mountains may not have...race departments are closed when the bids come out, and I'm told my home mountain race department won't be checking their summer mail till next week when they go back to work...overall the process may be flawed, and worse, allegations that some bids were not received because the championships are held in feb break may be an overstatement. I look forward to Mt. Abrams this feb, and hope they pull together a great time and welcoming event.

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