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Does you Team get this Treatment?
Date: Nov 30, 2009 9:01:39 PM PST
Author: SkiTeacher

Win a banner but the athletic director does not put it up after two years and counting?

[edited for content]

Makes you wonder. [edited for content]
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Ski Fan
Does you Team get this Treatment?
Date: Dec 2, 2009 6:56:12 PM PST
Author: Ski Fan

Your team deserves better, they have more than earned it.
Do you think your AD will be watching the Olympics this winter?
Is there something we can do to help to ensure Lindsey Vonn, Ted Ligety, Seth Wescott and Bode don't go unnoticed?
Silly me ... they'll make sure they get noticed. It's hard to ignore medals!
Maybe we can help to find you another AD who appreciates sports.

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